Sunday, September 19, 2010

Day 10 - What happens in Vegas stays on Youtube

Thurs, Sept 16

This day was smooth rolling. We got up very early and drove back across the border to catch our flight to Las Vegas out of Buffalo. It was a longer flight, but the TV and unlimited snacks helped. Brock picked us up at the airport and we had time for showers before heading to Yayo Taco (one of my favorite places in Vegas,) for dinner and one of the first Neon Reverb shows. There food is so good and we were able to buy a bucket of iced beers for 10 bucks and carry it around with us. I wish all bars had this feature. We enjoyed the show, visited with Brock and Sal and then called it a night.

When we left JFK airport that morning (after driving in from Toronto), the ride out was pretty bumpy, bad weather. It was a pretty long flight, and the weather was playing on the little personal TV screens on the plane - we started seeing weather reports of a tornado watch in NYC. Turns out we just outran a tornado! The most affected area was Park Slope, right where we were staying when we were there. Paul & Katie's apartment had a tree fall right in front of it, and they posted some pictures of busted out windows and other damage.

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