Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Day 7-Caribou Spaghetti!

Mon, Sept 13

At airport security, the inspector told me I couldn’t take the bundle that contained the legs and pull rods for my pedal steel. I told him I had flown many times and always carried them on with no problems...he asked, “which airports?” To which I replied, “all of them.” I had no choice but to go back to the ticket counter and check the bundle, which they taped up and put in a garbage bag.

Of course when we got to JFK, the bundle didn’t come out on the baggage carousel. We spent almost an hour in the baggage office while they tried to track it down, to no avail. I will say that the lady who helped me was very nice, and great at customer service. She even found two All You Can Jet promo t-shirts for us...but she didn’t find my pedal steel legs. I got a claim number and a promise that they would bring them to me when they found them.

We took 3 trains and walked a half-mile to Katie and Paul’s apartment, where we stayed for the night. Katie was part of the (sadly defunct) Alaska House that we played at last summer. They fixed us a great meal of spaghetti and caribou sausage, and gave us access to their wi-fi and computer - thanks guys! Paul is in a band himself, Great Elk, which you should definitely check out. We checked out Prospect Park, then decided to head in for an early night. I called jetBlue to ask after my pedal steel legs, and they told me they ended up in West Palm Beach! I’m supposed to have them back by morning, fingers crossed.

It is such a treat to be staying with Katie and Paul. Katie and I have Alaska friends in common and she's even been to my parent's store in little ol' Sleetmute! How neat. Kuskokwim Salmon is on the horizon. I can't believe I'll be in NYC eating fish from home. Life just keeps getting cooler and cooler.

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