Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Day 6-Stripmall Ballads

Sun, Sept 12

We woke up to a home-cooked breakfast (soooo nice when you’re on the road), then we said our tearful goodbyes and headed out. Before leaving Baltimore, we stopped to check out the famous Owl Bar at the Belvedere Hotel, with its framed photos of more well-known customers (Hollywood elite and actual royalty). Then we drove over to find the gravesite of Edgar Allan Poe in this really cool old-fashioned graveyard alongside a church.

Then we got on the road to Arlington, VA, where we played at the Metamorphosis Art Exhibition. The band before us was called Stripmall Ballads, and they were fantastic - great songs, spot-on playing and singing (including harmonies from a singing drummer, I love that). The singer, Phil, played banjo as well as guitar and did this cool singing-into-a-feeding-back-banjo thing that must be seen to be believed. I told him straight up I was going to steal that trick!

Alison, who organized the show, got us both a great free meal, and then the Stripmall Ballads guys invited us to their show that night at The Velvet Lounge in DC. We were en route with drummer Danny when he got the call that the opening band had flaked - so, hey, presto, we picked up another gig! We didn’t have our instruments in the car, so I just sang backup as Emma played a borrowed guitar. Then we were treated to another set of great tunes from Stripmall Ballads...seriously, they’re so awesome live. You have to go see them if you get the chance.

We crashed out at Danny’s place, then back to Dulles for the flight out.

I want to thank Danny so much for the hospitality. That morning we had no idea whether we would be sleeping in the car or the airport, and then we ended up each having our own bed! What a treat! Seriously, check out his band Stripmall Ballads, because they are a gem!

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