Sunday, September 19, 2010

Day 9 - International Superstars

Weds, Sept 15

We got up and said our goodbyes to Katie and Paul (they really are awesome), then headed to the subway to make our way to the airport. Things went fine until we got to the Howard Beach station, and then something crazy happened - we were both standing up and ready to go with our gear, but as soon as Emma got through the doors, they swished closed before I had a chance to even stick out an arm. Our eyes met through the door, and I just said "F***, I'll get the next train back!" It was a tense 15-minute ride to the next station and back, and then I got on the Airtrain and huffed through the airport as quick as I could. Emma was already at ticketing, checking us in for the flight so we didn't get bumped, and we got there just in time to get our bags on the plane and get through security. This day was packed with stuff, including a drive to Toronto, a press thing, and a show - so missing this flight would have totally screwed us over. It was stressful, but I have never been more glad to be on an airport concourse!

We got our car and drove to Toronto, stopping at a Tim Horton's for food. Verdict: meh. We got into town and headed to a public park where we were meeting some press folks to do a live performance, but we got there early, so we just napped in the car for a while. Emma woke me up to move the car when she overheard a shady drug deal going down right outside our window. We did the press thing, which was fun, and then we ate at a place called Big Fat Burrito. It did not disappoint :)

The show that night was at The Central, and Audio Blood set it up for us. It was upstairs on an outside balcony, and it was super fun - great bands and people, for sure. We played 3rd of 4, which is the best spot for an out of town band. Also on the bill were Luke Nares, Mothers of Brides, and Balconies - all really fun bands.

Emma: Bryan did a pretty great job of summing up this day. Looking back at Bryan as the subway swept him away, knowing we were already running late, almost gave me a panic attack! Luckily all came out okay, and no more baggage was lost.

The show at The Central was soooo much fun! Thanks Audio Blood and Dave for putting on such a great show. Good people, good music, good times. I'm really growing attached to Toronto. Wish we had been able to spend more than one day there.

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