Monday, September 27, 2010

Day 16-Too Beautiful to Live

Wed, Sept 22nd

We woke up in Seattle. Since we had some time off for the day, we did our personalized yoga routine, drank cucumber water, felt a little bit like gods, and then reminded ourselves that we had errands to run, movies to film, and shows to play.

We went to the bank, went to American Music and bought their cheapest mic stand, then had enough time to get AMAZING indian buffet for lunch at Bengal Tiger on Roosevelt. After lunch we went for a stroll around Green lake park. It was a beautiful day, and I never realized just how nice that spot is. Bryan captured its beauty in this short clip.

While back at my brother Zach's place we did an impromptu photo/video shoot involving a dinosaur, a golf ball, an army dude and a parachute man, all items we scored in Riverside. More to come on that later.

The show that night was AWESOME. Zach had rented out the Grotto, (The basement speak-easy section of Rendezvous) which was a really nice intimate area. People started filtering in at 8 and by the time we started at 9, we had a wonderful crowd or kind listeners. John (our bassist) had driven up to join us for the set. We had really been looking forward to this show/party because it was a celebration with family and friends about the re-release of our album, Clumsy Seduction.

There were some really exciting attendees, including Luke and Vanessa of TBTL(!!) and I was surprised by Tulsa songwriter Chelsea Coleman. She had recently moved to Seattle and came out. We hadn't seen each other in several years, so that was fun.

Bryan and John drove out that night. I stayed to have as much Zach and Stephanie time as possible. I managed to drink about 8 greyhounds and we ended up doing 3am breakfast at 5 point cafe, which was delicious. I tried deep fried mac and cheese squares for the first time. Pretty alright.

xoxoemma and bryan

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