Monday, September 20, 2010

Day 12-Try The Apple Pie

We woke up in Vegas after our great night out. Unfortunately, I woke up after only 3 hours of sleep. I watched a movie, wrote a song and then the boys woke up. We had just enough time to go scarf down some breakfast burritos before Brock dropped us at the airport and he ran off to hold haunted house auditions. (He's now the "scare" supervisor.)

We got into Long Beach, (which may I add has a pretty ghetto airport...think trailer classrooms at your high school,) and headed towards Riverside. [Bryan says: I wish I could put into words how weird the Enterprise car rental lady was.] Anyways, we show up to an already-gettin'-started party at Sean Foster's house. We can tell immediately that the night is going to be a fun one. As more people begin to filter in, and the opening band arrives, Sean starts setting up the band area in the music area on the back patio.

The Cat Family opened up with some jams, I was mostly affected by the guitar player's ASS hanging out in my face the whole night. The kid definitely had some spunk though.

We had a great audience and really enjoyed playing our set. Sean's cousin Mark and his girlfriend Vanessa were visiting from Ohio and it was their last night in town. They are fans and it was a treat to be able to play some of their favorite songs during the set. They are two very awesome, sweet people. [Side note: Vanessa made an AWESOME banana's foster cake that we got down on after the set. Thanks Vanessa!]

Jared and Megan, this adorable married couple, played the last set with some really sweet tunes. Nice people!

We want to thank Sean, Lori and Nik for holding such a great party. We love playing shows like this. Fun was had by all. Bryan was introduced to a drink called Apple Pie...yummm...and two people had to be carried out. Shoes were lost, naughty things MAY have happened in mustangs. (NOT BY US)

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