Monday, September 20, 2010

Day 13-BBQ and Beer Pong

Sunday, Sept 19th

We drove down to Temecula to play at my brother Joe's friend John's BBQ joint called Sweet Lumpy's BBQ. We played lunch hour and there was a good amount of folks out enjoying the food. They seemed to enjoy our tunes as well. We sold some cds and made some tips. We were excited to find out that a fan of several years, Tanya, had found out about the show and come with her friend. We got some pictures!

After our set, Bryan mowed down on a half rack of ribs, done just right. Luckily they carried a veggie burger for ME! The Sauce was awesome. Sean even lucked out and got a free bottle to add to his hot sauce collection.

Don, the guy helping us out at the restaurant, was an awesome dude. A musician himself, saw that I was straining my voice a bit to be heard, and came to the rescue with an improvised PA.

The rest of the night was chill, Bryan caught up on some sleep, while I played beer pong and soaked in the jacuzzi.

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