Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Day 14-"I love free sh*t"

Monday, Sept 20th

I woke up in the mood for fun, so Sean and I started considering the day's options. I got to talking about theme parks and he remembered this handy coupon book his mother was coerced into buying not so long ago. Inside of it were coupons to Castle Park for FREE minigolf and Straw hat pizza.

So at 1 we went and experienced the awesomeness of Castle Park. I was actually really impressed with the course. We decided not to keep score and the three of us had a really fun time cheering each other on. Bryan got a hole-in-one at the last hole and won Sean a free game for next time. Yay!

We were all really hot, (I swear, it doesn't matter what time of year I come to Riverside, it's always the same HOT weather,) so we went in to get some waters and play Skee-ball. Bryan and I won enough tickets to get a parachute man and a little army guy, more to come on that later.
We finished up the arcade fun with a game of air-hockey, I must admit, I dominated.

Then we went to get our free pizza and headed back to the house to relax and eat lunch. We watched Youth In Revolt, and the boys passed out for a mid-afternoon nap. They woke up in time for us to hit the drive-in theater as planned, but not before a stop at Del Taco for some VEGGIE BURRITOS!! (You can tell I was excited) We watched Machete then headed home for some sleep.

I had to rest up for my 7am radio interview the next day.

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